Win a Luxury Travel Package in the Stay or Play Lottery like 2015′s winner Wanda Chilton

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for the 2016 4-H Ontario Stay or Play Lottery yet, what are you waiting for?

Among many great prizes, is the Grand Prize Luxury Travel Package valued at $7,000! This prize lets you travel wherever you want, with anyone you choose, for a trip of your dreams.

Last year’s winner Wanda Chilton, used the prize as an opportunity to take a family trip to Sol Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.

Below is a short testimony from Wanda’s experience.

I thought I’d start with thanking 4-H Ontario for what I would describe as a trip of a lifetime!

Growing up in a rural area, I was familiar with 4-H and knew of the good work they do.

The grand prize being a $7,000 trip anywhere in the world, didn’t dampen my view of parting with $75 either.   

I received a call sometime in May last year and it was a voicemail from 4-H that I had won the grand prize!

Our family is a blended family with five kids, ranging in age from 25 to 34. We’ve never managed to take a vacation together, and with one son married, one daughter about to be married, two in school, and two school teachers, I knew if we didn’t do it now – we would never do it.

We all decided THIS would be our Christmas present to each other and it was the BEST family trip.

We spent seven days playing, sunning and swimming together. Some of us took separate excursions (a fishing trip was enjoyed by six) and we all enjoyed a day on a catamaran where we just enjoyed the sun, sand, and sea spray. It was wonderful. Cubans are joyful people and treated us like royalty on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day, Santa managed to find us and left stockings by our lounges at the pool.

It was a vacation I will long remember, and I know my children will also remember long after the bug bites heal, and the sand disappears from our suitcases. And the best part? We are ALL still speaking!

Thank you again, to all who had a part in the 4H Ontario Stay and Play Lottery!  You can bet I’ve already purchased my ticket for 2016!

For more information on this year’s fantastic prizes and to purchase your tickets in the 2016 4-H Ontario Stay or Play Lottery visit our website here. 

Net lottery proceeds support Youth Programming with supplies, conference & camp travel and transportation resources for 4-H members.















A Turks and Caicos Dream Dinner Lottery Experience

The 4-H Ontario Dream Dinner Lottery (Lottery Licence #M644571 Licensee: Ontario 4-H Council) provides the opportunity to win a trip for two anywhere in the world. In 2011, the grand prize winner for the Dream Dinner Lottery (Lottery Licence #M644562 Licensee: Ontario 4-H Council) was Patricia Giles. Patricia purchased a ticket after her cousin Nadine suggested she do so. Because Nadine’s persuasion was instrumental in the purchase of Patricia’s winning ticket, she decided Nadine would be her +1 for the Dream Dinner. Read on to learn about Patricia and Nadine’s Dream Dinner experience!


Winning the Dream Dinner Lottery was a first for Patricia Giles. “I can win $5 on a scratch ticket but I’ve never won something like this!” she exclaimed. With the help of their travel agent, Judy Anger,  Patricia and her cousin, Nadine selected The Verandah resort in Turks and Caicos as their destination of choice. “We knew we wanted to go somewhere hot, and somewhere special,” explained Nadine. When Judy mentioned that the resort was on one of the top ten beaches in the world, and showed them pictures of this luxurious destination, the Dream Dinner Lottery winners knew this would be the special trip they were after. Nadine and Patricia used their winnings to extend their stay from the weekend to a one week trip.

From start to finish Patricia and Nadine’s trip was nothing short of luxurious. “The entire trip was just extraordinary for us,” Nadine explained. They started off their Dream Dinner experience by flying first class. “Flying first class was a real treat!” said Nadine. “There was real silverware and china, and anything we wanted to drink. It was wonderful! We had never done that before.”

Once they arrived at The Verandah, their extraordinary experience continued. “When they took us to our room it just blew our minds!” shared Nadine. “We were in awe of the room we had. Everything was marble, stainless steel and oak. It was furnished so beautifully it was unbelievable.”

Once settled in to their suite, Patricia and Nadine spent their week at The Verandah lounging by the pool, swimming in the ocean, and eating fabulous meals. They were lucky to have a pool not more then 10 feet away from their room. “The pool was often empty so we mostly had it to ourselves. It was absolutely amazing, we could not believe it,” shared Nadine.

Patricia and Nadine
Patricia, left, and Nadine, right, enjoying dinner at The Verandah

The beach also lived up to it’s reputation. “The beach was just pristine and gorgeous. The sand was very deep and white. The ocean was a beautiful turquoise. It was post card picture perfect,” said Nadine.

Their entire Dream Dinner Lottery experience was one they will never forget. When asked what their most memorable moment was Nadine said that it was a tie between flying first class and that initial jaw dropping moment when they saw their room. “This trip was very special, and it was something we wouldn’t have been able to do without winning the Dream Dinner Lottery. This place really was just extraordinary,” Nadine said. Thank you Patricia and Nadine for sharing your Dream Dinner Lottery story .

Tickets for the 2012 Dream Dinner Lottery are on sale now. More information about the lottery, and terms and conditions can be found here >